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Welcome to Farmers of Salem    


Farmers of Salem provides insurance coverage to homeowners and businesses in the states of New Jersey and Maryland. Our staff and independent insurance agents will work with you to find coverage that meets your specific needs. We pride ourselves on offering broad coverage and fair and timely claims service. Learn more   Farmers of Salem is proud to support our independent agents. We believe now more than ever, that people need experts to advise and guide them through selecting the best coverage's for them, and help navigating this ever changing industry.

Latest News...

Apple's iPhone security and the FBI

The director of the FBI is unhappy with Google and Appleā€™s data encryption technology. Essentially, if the FBI were to subpoena Apple for access to iMessages or other data, they would be unable to supply the FBI with that information. The data is encrypted and even Apple does not have the key. Click Here to read more.

Commercial Equipment Breakdown Coverage Microsite Now Available

Farmers of Salem, in collaboration with Mutual Boiler Re, a leading equipment breakdown reinsurance provider, provides Commercial equipment breakdown coverage and has launched an interactive site on its website providing questions and answers to this key Commercial Lines coverage addition.Click to view site
ID Theft Coverage

Identity Theft Coverage and Resolution Services through ID Theft 911 are provided at no additional cost to the homeowner. $10,000 ID Theft Expense reimbursement coverage included in basic policy with higher limits available at a competitive price. Click Here for details